Essential Oil Fan Diffuser

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SKU: 18123

Product Description

This small and sleek diffuser makes using your favorite essential oils a breeze! No water required, just add a few drops of your scent of choice onto one of the provided pad, place it in the diffuser, and switch on the fan. Perfect for home and travel, and comes with a slow and high fan speed. 

The sense of scent is often a neglected aspect of a sensory diet, but the scent of an environment can greatly impact your child’s focus and productivity. It has been shown that connecting a certain scent or taste, such as peppermint can improve focus and memory when working on a task or studying. 

The Fan Diffuser makes it easy to transform a space in a soothing sensory environment, with it’s compact size, it can even be taken on the go, to make anywhere smell like home! Combine this diffuser with one of our six essential oils to help induce calming, focus, or simply feel relaxed!

Works with three AA batteries or plugged into an outlet.

Warning: Scent can be a triggering stimuli, and can lead to headaches or other adverse reactions in some children. 


  • Weight: 1 oz

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