Squid Bathtub Timer



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Product Description

The Squid Timer is an excellent time management tool for the bathtub. Drop the squid bath tub and it will count  the time your child has to play, soap up or  wash hair. He can watch the timer to see how long he has been on the task at hand as well as predict  when it is time to get out. 

Additionally the squid timer can be used in the pool to play Race-the-Clock Pool Game™

It’s also pool-time fun! Toss Aqua Diver into the pool, which starts the timer, and then dive in after it and race to catch it! Hit the button to stop the timer and see how quickly you found it! Try and beat your best time, or see who among your family and friends is the best at the game. Play it over and over again! Includes 3 button cell batteries.

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  • Weight: 1 oz

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