Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set



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Product Description

Build fine motor skills one snip at a time! This activity set’s tracing and cutting activities help kids build the hand strength and coordination needed for preschool success.

The three stencils that are included keep your child fully engaged through the entire task, as they first have to trace what they plan to cut, color it in if needed, and finally cut using the included safety scissors!

When learning to cut, children will often first make unorganized snips across a sheet of paper at around two years old, and from there they will learn how to coordinate not only opening and closing the scissors but also how to hold the sheet of paper in one hand and cut with the other. If your child is having difficulty cutting, remind them to use their “helper hand” to help stabilize the sheet of paper when cutting. You can even help them during the early stages by putting your hands over theirs to guide and stabilize the paper for them as they learn. 

Includes 3 stencils measuring 5″H x 7″W, 1 pair of safety scissors, and 3 pages for coloring and cutting.


  • Weight: 1 oz

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