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Product Description

Creative car design comes to life with fascinating animation! The visual input your child receives  as they animate the vehicles in this set will amaze them. Putting the vehicle parts together provides a fantastic problem solving activity. The magnet pieces make it easy for on the go play that does not involve an electronic device! 

Each of the thirty-seven magnetic pieces is printed with another part of another unique vehicle.

Wheels, cabs, crane arms, truck beds, and more – Kids can connect and rearrange them any way they want atop the magnetic board to build whatever kind of custom vehicle their imaginations can conjure.

Then, slide one of the two plastic sheets over your finished design and – WOW! – Instantly the whole thing comes to life with animated movement!

From spinning wheels to flickering exhaust flames, the Kinoptik Vehicles adds a new level of fascination to early creativity.

Kinoptik Vehicles

  • Set of magnetic pieces for building custom cars that come to life with kinoptik animation
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, creativity, cause-effect learning
  • Experience a new level of early creativity fascination!
  • Magnetic pieces printed with different parts of different vehicles
  • Arrange pieces to create your own custom vehicle
  • Slide plastic sheets over completed designs – Watch them come to life with animated movement!
  • Lines on sheet make specially designed images look like they’re moving!
  • Includes magnetic board, 2 plastic sheets, 37 magnetic pieces
  • Detailed instruction book included
  • High quality materials for exceptional car-building and animating experiences

WARNING: This product contains small pieces which may not be suited for children under 36 months


  • Weight: 1 oz

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